Our Flours

….and when you gaze at the vine fields, drink your our wine and feel like eating a piece of bread, it is the most natural thing in the world to want it to be really good.

At our Rio Bazzano estate, on 11 hectares of clayey hills which are difficult to farm and prone to collapse, we have began to sow wheat.

Not only modern wheat with known yields.
We have deliberately stepped back in time and sown ancient wheat varieties, characterised by extraordinary aromas and flavours, much more digestible thanks to low gluten levels, high quality protein content and stone milling.
These flours do not guarantee beautiful and tall leavening, they are more delicate and do not yield extraordinary quantities, however they do result in delicious breads, rich in nutritional and healthy properties.

Crop rotation, which involves the alternation of cultivation cycles, ensures that soils are not impoverished, because this difficult terrain confers unmistakable characteristics upon our products, such as persistent aroma and savouriness.

After threshing, wheat is stored in a refrigerated cell to maintain its quality, protect it from parasites and the heat.

Periodically, and based on demand, we transport it to the ancient Conficconi Mill in Predappio, at the top of a hill which seems like paradise. Here the wheat is separated from bran and stone milled into type 1 and whole grain flours, packaged into 1 kg and 5 kg sacks, without the addition of any preservatives whatsoever.

The guarantee of freshness is the use-by-date, which is never more than 6 months after milling.

Savour the unmistakable aroma and flavour of bread made using our flours and baked in a wood-fired oven on sale at Bottega Naturalmente at Garden Bulzaga.