Our Cellar

Since its creation, our cellar has been expertly supervised by the oenologist Sergio Ragazzini.

Expansion in 2013 has enabled us to carry out all procedures in a linear manner,  with modern equipment: destemming crusher, must transportation pump, pneumatic press, refrigeration system to maintain required temperatures, refrigerated tanks for controlled fermentation and various filters.

As soon as they are harvested, bunches are destemmed. White grapes and must are passed through the pneumatic press to separate the skins from must, which is then placed in refrigerated tanks. Here it is cooled to 7 degrees within 12 hours, decanted and then brought to 12/14 degrees so that the natural yeasts are activated and begin the fermentation process. The temperature is controlled and stabilised at around 15/18 degrees. In the case of red grapes, after destemming, grapes are placed in fermentation tanks with skins and yeasts.

During the first days of fermentation the skins are pumped over and punched down so that they release their colour and tannins. The wine is then decanted and filtered using cardboard filters to ensure that its qualities remain unaltered and natural.

We have chosen to age our wines in steel and cement tanks, whereas passito Albana, malbo and a small part of sangiovese are placed in oak barrels.

Sede Legale